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Tax Laws 2019

Everything within this section reflects the changes within the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

  1. The New Tax System
  2. Introduction – The 2 Tax Systems & Documentation
  3. Business vs Hobby
  4. Equipment / Vehicle / Furniture
  5. Home Office Deduction
  6. Hiring Spouse & Kids
  7. Deducting Travel
  8. Business Retirement for the Self-Employed
  9. Gifting to Family Members
  10. How to Handle an Audit

Webinar Vault

A selection of Taxbot’s recent webinars presented by Sandy Botkin.

  1. How to Pay Less Taxes
  2. How to Turn Your Vehicle into a Goldmine of Tax Deductions
  3. Turn Your Home Office into a Cash Machine
  4. How the Rich Slash Their Taxes

Tax Mastery


PLEASE NOTE: Many elements of this course have been altered with the 2018 tax law changes. We have added an interim video series, Tax Laws 2018 to cover those. We are also working to complete a new Tax Mastery 2018 course.

This course will be deactivated permanently on December 31st, 2018.

How To Stop Overpaying on Taxes

You’ve been there before…

You get so busy running your business and servicing clients that you lose track of time. Before you know it, tax season is here and a familiar pit in your stomach starts to form.

Your heart drops as you realize that you don’t understand that much about taxes. You only comprehend 30% of what your accountant is talking about.

Feeling helpless, you hand over your most critical documents… hoping for the best. You put all your trust in your accountant. Trust they will be proactive and identify all possible deductions for your business. Trust they will do whatever it takes to avoid any audits.

After your taxes have been filed. You can’t help but wonder which deductions you may have missed out on. You sincerely hope you didn’t overpay.

For many, this scenario is reality. Why? Because business owners simply trust that their tax preparer is on top of everything. This leads to thousands of dollars being overpaid to the IRS every single year.

You cannot afford to overlook basic tax principles at tax time. If you want a bigger refund… it is your responsibility, not your tax preparers.