We are working to update the Tax Mastery course with the new tax laws. However, we are also aware that many of you need to get the information as soon as possible. So we are providing an interim course, Tax Laws 2018 (see menu, if enrolled and logged in) to help you better understand the massive changes.

Taxbot University is an online video course that will save you thousands of dollars a year. The course simplifies tax deductions and strategies for self-employed people.

Taxbot University simplifies tax strategy so you can make the tax laws work in your favor.

With Taxbot University, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand how simple tax strategy can be
  • Intelligently speak with your accountant or tax preparer
  • Have the courage to handle your own financial strategies
  • Find more deductions for your business (travel, education, and health care)
  • Avoid common tax mistakes
  • Reduce your chances of being audited
  • Significantly decrease capital gain taxes
  • Set up retirement programs more profitable than government or large companies can
  • Most of all… never pay a dime more than you have to… and do it legally!

The over 5-hour course is broken into short lessons. Go through it on your own time. A tax course might sound boring… but you will be delighted to find it is actually entertaining. That is right… it’s actually a fun class.

As Mary Poppins says… “A spoon full of sugar, helps the medicine go down”. We knew a course on taxes had to be fun or you would get bored and quit. So don’t worry… it definitely has entertainment value.

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The Tax Game Has Changed For The Self-Employed – Make Sure You Get What You Deserve!

       Recently congress passed the biggest tax overhaul in decades. And there are some AMAZING benefits to small businesses and self-employed people.
       But, the media has been mostly talking about the changes for individuals and big business. I haven’t seen anyone give a simple explanation of the way the game has changed for small business owners.
       If you are self-employed. You NEED to understand WHAT has changed. Because although there are some incredible new opportunities, they are not automatic. And if you don’t know whats different, then you won’t get the savings you deserve. In fact, if you don’t take action now, you might just lose out on some big tax savings.
       The most important thing to know is that the rules to the game have changes for both business and personal. And if you don’t know the rules, its pretty hard to win the game.
       Understand that whenever you have politicians working on a bill, you have to assume there is give and take. There is back room negotiating. Secret meetings. And shell games. As such, the new tax plan has some good, and some not so good.
       The new law took away some deductions for both business and personal. But it also created some some new ones.
       For example, taking a client out for to play golf is no longer deductible. Same for the theater, sports games, and other entertainment. However, to compensate for that the vehicle deductions are insanely more profitable, if you start using the new rules.
       You may need to change the way you run your business to capitalize on the opportunities and avoid the traps.
       The biggest thing you can do for your business this year is get a grasp on the changes as soon as possible. You can’t wait for your accountant to teach you this stuff. Why? Tax preparers are entering their busiest time of year. And they are going to be swamped filing your 2017 taxes under the old tax code…
       If you have a decent accountant, they will file anywhere from 200-300 tax returns this season. The first half of the season is spent trying to find new clients get documents from their existing ones. And the second half is spent filing returns – and when you do the math, they only about 2 hours per return. Due to their crazy schedule, many tax accountants won’t have time to get trained on the new tax law until AFTER the busy season.
       At that point you will have missed out on 5 or 6 months of tax deductions you could have been using. You really need this information asap.
       That is why we have just updated our Taxbot University online course for self-employed people. My partner is a former IRS attorney and best selling author on business taxes. We have spent hundreds of hours analyzing the new tax laws and organizing it in a way that we can teach you everything you need to know in just a few short hours. And do it in plain language, so you don’t have to speak the same language as accountant or tax attorney.

In the past we have sold this course for $395. But with all these changes we are temporarily dropping the price to $199. We are doing this so more people can get the information they need.

       And really there is no risk to you. Because, as always, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. Go through the course within 30 days of purchase. And if you don’t feel like you got at least 5 times your investment then call us and we will refund your money without any hassle.
       To take advantage of this offer simply click the “enroll now” button on this page.

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Imagine yourself in your accountants shoes for a minute…

As a tax preparer you would be working 12-14 hour days during the busy season (6 or 7 days a week). You rarely see your family during this time. When you are at the office the phone is ringing off the hook with clients’ questions and concerns. Despite your best efforts to tackle your to-do list, it just gets longer.

During that busy season, How much time do you have to spend on each client’s taxes?

Not much time at all. It is nearly impossible to look for missed opportunities for each client. Taking this course will help you and your accountant work together to find the most savings…

Your Accountant Secretly Wishes You Would Take This Course… and who should take this course?

  • Real estate agents
  • Consultants
  • Sales people
  • Financial planners
  • Insurance agents
  • Contractors
  • And… any self-employed person that wants to increase their cash flow

Meet your instructor… Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq.

No one is more qualified to help you find tax savings than Sanford Botkin. As we mentioned he was 1 of 8 tax attorneys responsible for training IRS agents. He left the IRS and started teaching.

       Over 100,000 small business owners have heard Sanford’s training in person. Many more have read his best-selling books. It would be hard to quantify the millions-of-dollars he has helped people save.

Currently, he serves as President of the Tax Reduction Institute in Washington, DC. and is the Chief Education Officer at Taxbot.

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